Pike fishing with blade baits

It’s a sure thing we all ask ourselves many times which is the best bait for the targeted species. Gone fishing armed to the teeth with all kinds of baits, I find it difficult to decide whether I should estimate them by number or by their weight 🙂

Therefore, on a beautiful autumn day, accompanied by my angling friends, whom I see very rarely unfortunately, we decided to meet for a pike fishing tour on a private pond which had some sort of advertising as being populated with a lot of pikes including big ones.
We approached the pond in a systematic manner: first we fished “easy” to use lures then, step by step, we had to use all our “arsenal” due to a total pike attacks absence 🙂 I was bringing with me my chub tackle box where, besides a few small wobblers, spinners and small spoons, I had also two blade baits, one with decent size to stir at least a small pike attack, meaning of cca. 4cm 🙂

I would say the blade bait’s biggest advantage consists in its casting range, our fishing spot being not so wide, crystal clear water, we had to behave as quiet as possible and to stay as far as possible from potential pike hunting areas (we didn’t see any fish around our boat in conditions where the pond was heavily populated with big pikes).

Another advantage by using blade baits consists in its aggressive vibration but also in its extremely versatile evolution imprinted by the angler: you can retrieve it straight, you can do jigging, jerking, twitching or any kind of move that particular fishing spot is allowing.

See below a short recording of our catches including the lucky bait: the blade bait.

Slowly but for sure I tend to become a blade baits fan, using the model shown in the movie above I caught from chub, perch to even ide (Leuciscus idus) 🙂

I intend to try bigger sized blade baits for wels (Silurus Glanis) fishing , I’m sure it’ll work!

Bottom line, whenever the classic methods and lures don’t work, you must keep trying by using all your lures left in your tackle box, it’s a better alternative than telling yourself that fish is not feeding or to give up and go home “defeated” 🙂

Have a nice day,